Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amelie Hegardt

I love the illustrations made by the talented illustrator Amelie Hegardt. For more outstanding illustrations have a look here.

Collages by Lisa Congdon

In need of some color? Take a look at Lisa Congdon`s little works of art. I haven`t seen anything like it before. If you like them as much as I do, take a look at Lisa`s website for more amazing work or go to her etsy store (she`s having a huge sale!!).

work by Hanna Wering

Some creative people seize to amaze me, it`s like they can do everything and have no limitations. Like Hanna here, she designs fabrics, wallpapers, bowls, fonts, packaging and so on!

She also has an impressive list of clients, like Anna Sui, Dagmar, Ikea and lots and lots more. Want to see more of Hanna, take a look at her porfolio.

anneso_cachemireetsoie's on flickr

I have been in bed for over a week, thanks to the flu. But on the bright side it gives me time to spend hours on the internet, without my consious hammering me I should be working.

So last night I was on flickr and i came across this girls account, glad to know i`m not the only obsessing over stripes... For more inspirational outfits, look at her flickr account overhere.