Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amelie Hegardt

I love the illustrations made by the talented illustrator Amelie Hegardt. For more outstanding illustrations have a look here.

Collages by Lisa Congdon

In need of some color? Take a look at Lisa Congdon`s little works of art. I haven`t seen anything like it before. If you like them as much as I do, take a look at Lisa`s website for more amazing work or go to her etsy store (she`s having a huge sale!!).

work by Hanna Wering

Some creative people seize to amaze me, it`s like they can do everything and have no limitations. Like Hanna here, she designs fabrics, wallpapers, bowls, fonts, packaging and so on!

She also has an impressive list of clients, like Anna Sui, Dagmar, Ikea and lots and lots more. Want to see more of Hanna, take a look at her porfolio.

anneso_cachemireetsoie's on flickr

I have been in bed for over a week, thanks to the flu. But on the bright side it gives me time to spend hours on the internet, without my consious hammering me I should be working.

So last night I was on flickr and i came across this girls account, glad to know i`m not the only obsessing over stripes... For more inspirational outfits, look at her flickr account overhere.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nina in vorm

This week it`s Nina`s turn, nina in vorm that is. Nina is a Dutch blogger, but not only she`s keeping a blog she`s also an artist. I`m truly in love with the vintage cermacis she screenprints with her own illustrations.

Nina`s blog is very unique I haven`t seen anything like it. She`s a also a star at styling her own pictures/products. For more Nina go to her blog overhere.

Marise Maas

As an art lover I`m always on the look out for artists I`m not familiar with. I can spend hours on the internet looking at online galleries. Hoping to find that one artist that I find inspiring.

That`s how i ended up on the online Australian Flinders Lane Gallery where i fell in love with the work of Marise Maas. The funny thing is that Marise Maas is originally from the Netherlands, but lives in Australia.

Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals is a design by Guus van Leeuwen. The animals are made from copper heating tubes, on top is the skin of the actual animal.

Guus was inspired by the old days, when farmers used to sleep above the barn, to profit from the warmth the animals produced. Guus has more great design, wich you can find at his website called gewoon Guus.

Marie Claire Maison May/June

Once in a while i buy the French Marie Claire Maison wich i adore! Unfortunately i can barely read a word, but i find the pictures very inspirational. Below you find a compilation of pictures from the May/June issue.

Jeans girl

I`m quite a jeans girl, sometimes a bit too much if you ask me. My favorite brands are Citizens of Humanity and Seven for all mankind. I do try to wear my jeans not too shabby though, by pairing them with a chique blazer, a silk tunic and some nice jewelry.

According to Lidewij Edelkoort (wich i wrote a post about, just scroll a bit down) jeans is making it`s comeback. The Dutch Elle did an ed about jeans, but in a very shabby chique way, just the way i like it!


About a month ago there was a big hype in Blog land, called IJm. I think i all started with Emma`s blog who first wrote a post about this Dutch Styling Agency. Well i must say i didn`t hear about them before, and was quite impressed by their portfolio.

What i love about IJm is that they have a distinctive style and always add handmade products to enhance the shoot and make it more personal. Below you can find one of the newest editorials from IJm, wich is all about paper. And pssst.. they also have a blog.

A new (and great!) way to store clothes

Okay I`m a bit embaressed to admit, but i have way too much clothes and I`m running out of closet space. While i was thinking how to deal with the problem, i ran into the solution. How about this great design to store clothing, more information overhere.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thread Social A/W 2009

Thanks to the lovely blog oh Joy I learned about the clothing brand Thread Social. I love their A/W 2009 collection. Great color use, love the geometric patterns and the shoes are toe die for.

Archeology of the future by Lidewij Edelkoort

If you know a little bit about Trendforecasting you`ve very likely heared about Lidewij Edelkoort. Lidewij (also called Li) is one of the most well known trendforecasters.A trendforecaster predicts future trends by looking at the past and exploring current trends.

At the moment you can see 20 years of Li`s work exhibited at Designhuis Eindhoven.The exhibit is called Archeology of the Future. Below you can see some of the work you will find here.
I`m going to leave you for today with one of the predictions of Lidewij. According to Lidewij we are going to leave a complicated period of 20 years time behind us, and we are heading toa more optimistic era. Well that`s a prediction i can live with!

Behind the scenes of Humanoid

One of my favorite Dutch clothing brands is Humanoid. Humanoid has been around for 25 years and if owned by Sandra harmsen (who started the brand and used to be the designer).Sandra describes the brand as sensitive, subtle, tough and strong headed.

I was very happy when i found out that the Dutch Elle Interior did an behind the scenes article about Humanoid.So have a look, but wait first i have to show you their S/S 2009 collection.
I wonder if Humanoid is looking for a new designer;-)...?

Humanoids latest collection...

Behind the scenes...

One of the first blogs that got me into reading blogs was the blog Bloesem. Bloesem is a blog written by Irene who lives in Kuala Lumpur.I must say that Irene always manages to write about things i haven`t seen on other blogs.

Bloesem also has a little sister blog (or is it brother..?) called Bloesem kids, wich is dedicated to crafts, art and interior design for kids. So if you have some little ones running around, i recommend visiting Bloesem kids as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Julia Restoin Roitfeld.

Do you have a fashion icon? If you do let me know! I have one: Julia Roitfeld. Julia is the daughter of French editor in chief and had clearly inherited her mother`s amazing style.

But Julia is not only a (very) pretty face, she had a degree in design and works as an art director for V magazine. Take a look at some amazing outfits from Julia *sigh*.

People who inspire

As a stylist I`m on a constant search after inspiration. I buy magazines, visit exhibitions, read books, watch television and off course I spend a lot of hours on the internet.

But sometimes I get inspiration from other stylists like Marie-France de Crecy. If you would like to see more of Marie`s work you can visit her website overhere.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lately I have been getting into ceramics. There`s a lot of nice ceramics around these days. I`m even thinking about doing a course myself, because i`m so smitten with the material. But for now I’ll leave you with some of my newest (and best!) discoveries in ceramics.

My absolute favorite: the doll cup from designers Renee Mennen en Stefanie van Keijsteren.

From left to right:, little houses by petit atelier de paris, Oiseaux de la France by Claire Redor, the fox cup by Genevieve Dionne.

The newest interior trends

The 101 woonideeen (a Dutch interior magazine) did an article about current interior trends. Look at the four trends they listed: black and white prints, handmade, colored glass and pixels.
As usual did the 101 Woonideeen a great job at styling/visualizing the four trends.

handmade and black/white prints
colored glass and pixels

Born with style

Some girls are just born with style. Unfortunately i`m not one of them. In my past I had my share of fashion faux pas. But these days I think I do fine ;-).

Betty and Karla belong to that selected group of ultra hip and stylish girls. If you`d like to see more of their amazing style visit their blogs, this is Betty`s and here you find Karla`s.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heidi Merrick

Don`t get me wrong, it`s not that I never show off some cleavage or never wear a short skirt. But I always try to make it subtle. Heidi Merrick is a designer whose designs are sexy but in a very subtle way. I adore the low backs and deconstructed ruffles.

Etsy seller Gretchen Mist

Ah another great Etsy find! Take a look at the work of Gretchen Mist. It`s quite minimalistic, even calming. I also think she has a great color and material use. If you are interested in purchasing some of Gretchen`s work, go to her Etsy shop overhere.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Addicted to Flickr

Sometimes I go to Flickr with the intention just to take a quick look, see what`s happening. But then I see all the pretty pictures and get sucked in for at least an hour. Two of my favorite Flickr posters are Yvette Inufio and Emilie Bjork. Look below for their pictures. Or get sucked in like me and go their Flickr accounts here and here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My favorite blog of the week. There are so many great blogs out there. But sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and you might not know where to start looking.. I had this problem when I just got into blogs. That`s how I came up with Blog Love. In Blog Love I’m going to feature the best ones out there, blogs that deserve your special attention.

I`m going to start with the very inspiring blog from Imke Klee. Imke Klee is a very talented stylist from Germany. She has a special talent for creating moods and has worked for many well known companies. I’m not going to spoil it by telling you everything, so go ahead and take a look at Imke`s blog called aviewto. Imke also makes beautiful bits, you can buy at her Etsy shop.

Beautiful products handcrafted by Imke.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gem Kingdom & BingBang

Two cool names for two cool jewelry brands. I love jewelry. But I rather wear one beautiful bold piece, than a lot at the same time. I love this necklace from Gem Kingdom called ‘little Dutch girl’ and this bracelet by BingBang. Gem Kingdom also has a webshop you can find it here..

Tea for 2, and 2 for tea...

I drink lots and lots of tea. Seriously. I think about three litres a day. Mostly green tea, jasmine and canelle. So when I drink my tea I like to pour it with a beautiful teapot. I love the designs from Spanish designer Helena Rohner available at and Dutch designer Mieke Meijer.

Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius is a familiar name in design land. And one of my favorite product designers.
She has a lot of projects on her name. The first time I discovered Hella was through her Souvenir Delfts Blue set B. Several typical Delfts tableware got scaled down and became a charm bracelet.
But Hella has a new wonderful project on her name, called ‘Natura Design Magistra’. If you like to see Hella`s newest design in real life, book yourself a ticket to Paris. Galerie Kreo from Paris is currently exhibiting Hella`s work.

This is probably my favourite of all of Hella`s designs;
her famous Office Pets. With her office pets Hella shows us that these days we expect much more of our products than just immediate utility and use. Contemporary design is now-a-days much more concerned with image, meanings and messages.

Pictures through designboom and Jongerius Lab.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Covered in paint

Art is one of my two passions (the other is fashion). I started painting when I was three years old. At the moment I’m working on some new pieces, I’m going to post as soon as they are finished. But no worries ;-) I’ll leave with some great paintings from talented Etsy seller SarahGiannobile

Paul & Joe & Perrier & packaging design

I can appreciate good packaging design. I love these cans by Paul & Joe.
And off course the S/S 2009 collection

Restored not just a store..

If you happen to visit the Netherlands, don`t forget to visit the store Restored in Armsterdam. At Restored you can find the best handmade treasures like bags, plush, pillows, jewelry and other interior and fashion accessories. Also if you are looking for some inspiration this is a good place to look.