Monday, March 30, 2009

Off the top of my head..

...nothing… At least not yet! But soon there`s going to be a pretty headband. Headbands are big this summer. If you are like me looking for one check out these websites.

Some pretty ones from

You can also find some lovely ones overhere, here and here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traditionial Dutch Clothing

Every countrey has their traditional clothing and so does the Netherlands. The Dutch Elle did an editorial with the costumes but off course they gave it a modern twist. Look below for a surpisingly stunning editorial.

My dream workspace...

In my archives I came across this picture. I have no clue where it is from. But I can tell you this is what my dream workspace would looklike.

Spijkers & Spijkers

As a little girl I wanted to be twins. Fortunately there`s only one of me ;-).

Spijkers & Spijkers two Dutch designers are not only a designer duo but also twins. For years I have been a big fan, and their new A/W 09/10 collection is as usual wonderful. Check out the whole collection at their website.

The twins Truus en Riet wearing their own designs.

The newest collection A/W 09/10

Fond of Fonts

At the academy I got my first introduction to fonts. And since then I developed a weak spot for them. At the moment handwritten fonts are my favorite. Thanks to VT wonen (a Dutch interior magazine) I discovered Maartje Kuiper. Maartje is a graphic designer. For an Dutch interior exhibition they (VT Wonen) covered a wall in positive quotes, all with their own matching handwritten fonts, from Maartje. Take a look at her website for more great graphic design.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


You`ve probably read about Tas-ka, visited their website or blog or maybe you even own one of their products. But haven`t you ever wondered what their working space would look like? Well 101 woonideeen a Dutch interior magazine did an interview with the two ladies behind Tas-ka Hester Worst and Jantien Baasand they also took several pictures of their working space and also of one of the homes of one of the ladies. If you would like to order their products you can visit their webshop or you can order through another great webshop.

The home of one of the ladies from Tas-Ka.

Dreaming of Toscane

In the Dutch Elle interior I came across this beautiful editorial.The stylist intention was to create an Italian setting with a bit of Vermeer (a famous Dutch painter). I think he certainly succeeded and the combination of the two turned out beautifully. The dress and the shoes are from the Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. And the blouse is from Tsumori Chisato.

Matthew Williamson`s home

In Primrose Hill in London lives the well known fashion designer Matthew Williamson. The Dutch Red featured his home, and as you can see it has Matthews signature all-over. If you are a fan of Matthew, lucky you cause Matthew has designed a collection for H&M that will be in store the 23th of april.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gwendolyn Huskens

A lot of blogs have written about Gwendolyn Huskens. And that doesn`t stop me ;-). I think her graduation collection is too good not to write about. Gwendolyns presented a set of six shoes called 'medic esthetic'. Her aim was to reveal the taboos associated with physical deformities. Who would have thought you could make something this beautiful out of something so ugly. I hope we`ll hear and see a lot more from Gwendolyn after being graduated.

Pictures via designboom

Ahhh Fashion!

It`s time for my real first post! I was thinking what it should be about, and finally I decided to kick off with my favorite fashion collections for spring/summer 2009. I must say there were a lot of great collections this season, so I decided to narrow it down to four (actually I decided to narrow it down to three, but that seemed impossible).

The first collection I’m completely smitten with is Stella Mc Cartney`s. over the years Stella has been one of my favorite designers and I think this is one of her best collections so far, I love the colors, fabrics, and how the clothing looks so feminine while incorporating some masculine aspects.
Before Antonio Berardi didn`t really catch my eye. But this season he most definitely does! Especially with his corset dress which I think is one of the best pieces this season. I also would love to own the little, white embroidered mini dress with the matching gladiator sandals.

Alessandro dell`acqua has a great looking collection as well. I think the a-symmetric dress is very casual yet stylish. Also the combination of the miniskirt with the toeless boots looks wonderful . Toeless boots are going to be big this season. So grab yourself a pair!

The few last collections of Balmain weren`t really my cup of tea. But this collection Rock-Chic collection is. I love, love, love (did I say love) the military jeans jacket with the beading. Here you can also spot the light stone washed, ripped jeans which is also a trend this season. In a few days I’m going to write a post about the must-have trend items for this season that should be hanging (only if you like them off course) in your closet.

Pictures via