Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ahhh Fashion!

It`s time for my real first post! I was thinking what it should be about, and finally I decided to kick off with my favorite fashion collections for spring/summer 2009. I must say there were a lot of great collections this season, so I decided to narrow it down to four (actually I decided to narrow it down to three, but that seemed impossible).

The first collection I’m completely smitten with is Stella Mc Cartney`s. over the years Stella has been one of my favorite designers and I think this is one of her best collections so far, I love the colors, fabrics, and how the clothing looks so feminine while incorporating some masculine aspects.
Before Antonio Berardi didn`t really catch my eye. But this season he most definitely does! Especially with his corset dress which I think is one of the best pieces this season. I also would love to own the little, white embroidered mini dress with the matching gladiator sandals.

Alessandro dell`acqua has a great looking collection as well. I think the a-symmetric dress is very casual yet stylish. Also the combination of the miniskirt with the toeless boots looks wonderful . Toeless boots are going to be big this season. So grab yourself a pair!

The few last collections of Balmain weren`t really my cup of tea. But this collection Rock-Chic collection is. I love, love, love (did I say love) the military jeans jacket with the beading. Here you can also spot the light stone washed, ripped jeans which is also a trend this season. In a few days I’m going to write a post about the must-have trend items for this season that should be hanging (only if you like them off course) in your closet.

Pictures via http://www.elle.com/

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